Hoover Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

Hoover® is a brand name associated most with vacuum cleaners that come in all shapes and sizes and while there are certain models that we consider could fall in the class of the best vacuum for hardwood floors, the Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum seeks to keep the company tradition alive and claim the title for itself.  At 10.6” x 8” x 25” and weighing less than ten pounds, this vacuum is easy to use and can even be moved to higher floors in a multi-level home.  Its 20-foot power cord also allows it to clean a large area without needing to be re-plugged.

The Hoover Cyclonic Stick Vacuum is certainly not anyone’s ordinary and old-fashioned stick vacuum cleaner in that it is backed by both innovative design and technology and has the following features in order to be considered the best vacuum for hardwood floors around:

Powered Transition – This vacuum is not only a vacuum for hard flooring but can also be used on both low pile carpets and area rugs and transitioning from one surface to another has never been easier, thanks to the Cyclonic Technology that comes with it.  This allows one to adjust between floorings without losing any cleaning power.

Fill It Up – The dirt cup attached to this Hoover® vacuum can be easily detached without causing any sort of mess while moving its contents to a trash bin.  Once there, all it takes is the press of a button and the bottom of the dirt cup releases all the collected dirt and grime.

Wide & Edgy – The base of this model comes with a wide mouth that makes it possible to pick up as much dust and dry spillage as is in its way.  It even has cleaning bristles to clean along a room’s edges.

With a majority of customers giving it top marks, the Hoover Cyclonic Stick Vacuum does seem primed to be considered a possible choice for best vacuum for hardwood floors.  It is not as expensive as other models in the market but it is still able to perform at its optimum best.  There were some reviewers who did feel it is a machine best used for light cleaning work that one would often do with a broom and dustpan.   For smaller homes, this Hoover® vacuum appears apt and ready to take on easily manageable cleaning jobs, producing the best results.

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